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The Southern Mallee District Council has management of the Parrakie, Lameroo and Pinnaroo Cemeteries.  Plots are available for either single or double depth burials and there are Memorial Walls / Columbarium’s for the interment of ashes in each cemetery.

The Council Administration Staff are available to assist families to select the final resting place for their loved ones and you are advised to contact either the Lameroo or Pinnaroo Offices when for assistance in selecting a position, as the cemetery maps are updated periodically.  Maps are included within this document are for an informational purposes only.


General Information 


To access general information on the Parrakie Cemetery click here. 

Parrakie Cemetery Brochure(442 kb) 

Parrakie Cemetery Map(442 kb)


To access general information on the Lameroo Cemetery click here. 

Lameroo Cemetery Brochure(454 kb) 

Lameroo Cemetery Map(569 kb)


To access general information on the Pinnaroo Cemetery click here. 

Pinnaroo Cemetery Brochure(762 kb) 




Interment Right Booking Application        

Lameroo Interment Booking(364 kb)

Parrakie Interment Booking(376 kb)

Pinnaroo Interment Booking(379 kb)


Transfer of Interment Right Application      

Transfer of Interment Right Application(248 kb)


Application for Headstone or Memorial         

Application for Headstone of Memorial(177 kb)


Ashes Interment into Gravesite Application  

Ashes into Gravesite Interment Application(361 kb)


Plain English Statement – to be completed at either the Lameroo or Pinnaroo Council Offices

Plain English Statement(618 kb)


Cemetery Rules of Operation        


Cemetery Management Guidelines


Cemetery Operational Policy




Location Maps


Parrakie Cemetery


Parrakie Cemetery Map


Lameroo Cemetery


   Lameroo Cemetery Map


Pinnaroo Cemetery


Pinnaroo Cemetery Map






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